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pamphlet: Just anarchy - Audiobook

Just anarchy: a conversation between carla bergman and scott crow

Narrated by Zach Bergman, music by scott crow/Televangel “I’m still Here (Memoriam)”


Just Anarchy is a conversation between long-time radicals and anarchists, carla joy bergman and scott crow, who dig into the nuance of what anarchy is and what it could be while reflecting on aging, dogma, breaking down systems of domination, and the beauty of curiosity. 


scott crow is a street philosopher, author, dreamer, and musician. He runs a Record Label, is an Art Gallery owner, and a media commentator with @anarchistagency. Some of his musical projects are: Lesson Seven, Audio Assault and corporatE unclE. In addition to music, scott has also written some well received books, and speaks on the ideas of anarchy. The three themes that run through his life are: music, storytelling, and collective liberation. All of scott’s work can be found on And, to stay connected to the Record Label, visit, 


carla joy bergman (she/they) currently lives in Vancouver, BC on Sḵwxwú7mesh, x