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Chris Bergman is the founder of
Listening House Media.

Chris is a producer, editor, artist, technician, and photographer. He has spent the past many years putting most of his artwork on the back burner as he raised his family. Over the past two decades, Chris worked on many projects behind the scenes from co-producing live events, editing for Sound and Video, Mixing and Mastering and Videoing, and Photography primarily via Joyful Threads Productions and the Purple Thistle Centre. 


Chris has worked in the sound industry both professionally and in community for over three decades. He was the production manager for two Vancouver based sound companies, working on the production and operation of many large concerts and events over the years. Chris is currently collaborating on a few sound design projects with and for community, and illustrating and writing a children’s book.

carla joy bergman anchors lowercase press

carla is a producer, collaborator, autonomous scholar, writer, and mom. She has spent the past two decades working with community to create collaborative and intergenerational multi-media. from print to film, primarily with Joyful Threads Productions. The two recent projects at JTP are: EMMA Talks, a mini-art-festival and speaker’s series by women, and Grounded Futures, a multidisciplinary art collaborative and podcast platform. carla co-directed the documentary Common Notions and is the co-host of two podcasts: Silver Threads and the Grounded Futures Show.


From 2007-2012, carla co-created and published the art and activist magazine, RAIN, co-edited Stay Solid: A Radical Handbook for Youth, (AK Press, 2013), coauthored Joyful Militancy ( AK Press, 2017), edited, Radiant Voices: 21 Feminist Essays for Rising Up, Inspired by EMMA Talks (TouchWood Ed, 2019), and edited Trust Kids! (AK Press, 2022). carla is currently working on a couple new books and an animation.

check out carla's various works

chris time steele is a collaborator at LHM. He makes videos and curates a series of lowercase pamphlets.

I enjoy writing, making music, and videography. I use a lot of glitch and collage style video techniques, here is a link to some videos I've worked on.

Zach Bergman is a collaborator at LHM. He composes music for our videos and podcasts, and narrates audio books.

Zach is an artist, writer, record label owner, and a composer. He holds a MA in electro-acoustics and composition from the University of Birmingham, UK. You can find Zach’s music under the moniker Sour Gout, and Collapsed Structures 

Jamie Leigh Gonzales is a collaborator at LHM. She supports with graphic design
for our press and video and graphics projects.


Jamie is a Portuguese/Squamish mother, filmmaker, podcast creator, photographer, and poet. Jamie Leigh co-founded Grounded Futures, a multidisciplinary arts project and podcast platform in 2020.

Chavo AwareNess Trejo is a collaborator at LHM. He composes music for our videos and podcasts.

Chavo has been producing for more than decade. He has been compared to Large Professor, RZA, and Radiohead. AwareNess is most known for his moody, emotional, and brooding style that puts one in a landscape of sound. AwareNess has produced for artists such as Kool Keith, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Del the Funky Homosapien, Mick Jenkins, Che Noir, and the late Ron Miles.  He worked with the late Lonnie Pops Lynn, the father of the rapper/actor Common and composed the haunting jazzy piece "Pops Speaks." Many of AwareNess' instrumentals have also been featured on Gary Vaynerchuk's show Gary Vee.  AwareNess is also in the group calm. with the rapper Time.

We also collaborate with folks on layout and design for lowercase, narration for audio books, and much else! Some of these wonderful folks are: Melissa Sharp, Maia Anstey, and Eleanor Goldfield.

Let's collaborate! Get in touch with us with any questions, ideas, comments, and more.

Follow us on Instagram at @listeninghousemedia.

Listening House Media

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