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Chris Bergman

Chris is a producer, editor, artist, technician, and photographer. He has spent the past many years putting most of his artwork on the back burner as he raised his family. Over the past two decades, Chris worked on many projects behind the scenes from co-producing live events, editing for Sound and Video, Mixing and Mastering and Videoing, and Photography primarily via Joyful Threads Productions and the Purple Thistle Centre. 


Chris has worked in the sound industry both professionally and in community for over three decades. He was the production manager for two Vancouver based sound companies, working on the production and operation of many large concerts and events over the years. Chris is currently collaborating on a few sound design projects with and for community, and illustrating and writing a children’s book.

Let's collaborate! Get in touch with any questions, ideas, comments, and more.

Follow me on Instagram at @listeninghousemedia.

Listening House Media

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