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projects + collaborations

In 2023, with carla joy bergman and chris time steele, we created pamphlets called, lowercase.

check out lowercase pamphlets here!

(we are currently sold out!)

I work with a range of artists and creators to provide support so they can bring their works to life.

On Belonging: audio stories to connect us
I did the editing for On Belonging

Mutual Aid is Kin(etic): Ten things I feel about mutual aid

written by carla joy bermgan ; read by carla

read essay here

Movements in a Dead City

Grounded Futures

Grounded Futures is a media production and mentorship collaborative and co-founded by Melissa Roach, Jamie Leigh Gonzales, and carla bergman


Listening House is entangled with Grounded Futures Project and we collaborate together on many fronts!


Chris Bergman does sound editing for the Grounded Futures Show!

More links coming soon!

Root Cutting

Written and Narrated by carla joy bergman Animation by Maya Motoi
Music by Sour Gout "Cove"
Edited by Chris Bergman

A Joyful Threads, Bergman Creatives Production

Listening House Media

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