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We work with a range of artists and creators to provide the level of support they need to bring their works to life.

We hope you delight in some of the joyful collaborations we've had the pleasure of taking part in!

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Movements in a Dead City

By Sour Gout


Releasing Friday, February 4th, 2022


Composed by Sour Gout // Mixed and Mastered by Chris Bergman (Listening House Media) // Album art by Jason Tipton

Check out the promo video made by chris time steele.

Autonomy Now

Autonomy Now is an audio documentary series that explores radical liberatory autonomous spaces, zones, and webs. Each show will weave together the past, present, future, imagined, and emerging autonomous happenings from around the world. Through talking with and listening to our guests, weaving in stories from fiction, and driving deep into research, we will create engaging stories that will sure to inspire.  


Autonomy now is co-created by carla joy bergman and chris time steele.

AN will air later 2022!

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Grounded Futures

Grounded Futures is a media production and mentorship collaborative and co-founded by Melissa Roach, Jamie Leigh Gonzales, and carla bergman


Listening House is entangled with Grounded Futures Project and we collaborate together on many fronts!


Chris Bergman does sound editing for the Grounded Futures Show!

Banner art adapted from an illustration by Julie Flett.

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