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Audio Books

We work directly with publishers or individual writers to create audio books.

Services Include:

  • Professional and meticulous editing 

  • Proof reading

  • Narration

Audio Clean-up ,Repair and Restoration

Listening House Media specializes in cleaning -up, repair, and restoration of all types of audio.

Mixing and Mastering

Listening House Media offers a professional Mixing and Mastering service that works closely with you to help your music stand out from the crowd. Our Genelec Studio System enables us the precision and clarity required to work with confidence on your music, including all genres and styles.  


  • Individual tracks

  • Full Album

  • Mastering

  • Repair and Restoration


Please email us with your enquirers and to talk costs and timelines!

Interested in working with Listening House on your next sonic project?
Noise, as music, is to be lived,
      no longer stockpiled.

                   — Jacques Attali
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