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From Below and in Three Directions: Nine fragments of Love for Hekate

carla joy bergman

direction one: waxing light


“Everything is an exchange for fire, and fire for everything…






We rode in crescent shaped formation

towards the horizon

Our horses adorned in pink and white asphodel petals

aromas of lavender hovering on the wind

we recite your cosmic invitation to be with our

untimely and unspacialized grief

our heartbeats echoing across the universe


This is us

the wanderlost, making our way

knowing we must travel far and below

suspending all timelines




Blazing our way through our shared despair

Light holding multiplicities

You ask for nothing more.

Yet in the distance we hear the urgency

in your battle cry

to cease Apollo from folding space

to clear-cut all magic

We are near





We arrived with linked arms as you tenderly weaved in between our hearts.

Daggers dosed in mint lay firmly in our mouths

Closing our eyes we wait for your spell to be spoken


remembrances forged by your magic begin to rise

through mycelium frequencies of collective potencies

we hear Bacchus answering your call

“set the magic free”



direction two: full light


“How can you hide from what never goes away?





dear embodied Care Guide

we continue to travel below to keep you near

entering invocations with you because we’re trying to live a life

where reciprocity flows

and care animates our every breath.

Levitating our wishes towards Luna

Knowing we cannot chase

mandrake whispers

keep going

 So now we walk

deeper into other-worldly lands

leaving behind manifesting and manifested

while embracing manibeing




Opening New Portals of Awe

your spark catches the strings that bind

the liminal into now

Scientist still trying to name this ever-ending

spacetime between atoms and stardusting our imaginations

some call it god

And you smile.




As more magic realms begin to bloom

sprouting temporal agents on earth

some call themselves influencers

we can tell who's who because snakes slither around their Auras


We imagine you watching with curiosity, reflecting to when each Oracle

was chosen by the men who twisted the Oracles cosmic messages

into Empire’s words to manipulate and control

But that was about survival.


[I wonder: would you sell your magic for profit?]


The haunting patriarchal ghosts collude with

systems of domination feeding

off of the cosplaying Agents attempting to hoard the light that remains

But your shadows trick them to move away from the light

casting a veil over their souls.


and then we remember

We remember to close our eyes.

And wait for the




direction three: waning light

“The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony.” —  Heraclitus




We are the thin skin brigade, trying to be free

sharers of light in darkness

Exiling towards Medea’s direct line to our emotions

sending us fragrances of mint and reminding us to look

to our hearts and move in unison.


Those who remain are terrestrial misfits roaming through alien lands

ebbing and flowing outside of time and bending time.


Blessings of renewal await us

our energetic bodies connect at nodes in the universe





sinking further into darkness

looking for the cascade of shadows

dancing on the cave walls inviting us to trust

the beauty of the mycelium in patterns

like the constellations cast by Astraeus in the night sky.


Courage ignites us to fall into looking with all our senses

feeling the trembling flickers beneath the shadows

Illuminating many futures.





As light begins to dissolve above, so below

I felt the warmth from your torch

beckoning me to dive deeper into an underworld of love


I arrive at the crossroads between Saturn and Pluto

this is where I fall into dreams

a crow's feather lands in my hand,

I plunge it in the dark matter and begin to write

written for the Hekate: Queen of the Crossroads Zine, 2023

A devotional zine curated by Dani Burlison & Alyssa Rose

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