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lowercase pamphlets

Please Note: we are on hiatus!
but you can get a pamphlet at AK Press

lowercase pamphlets range in scope and topics, but are rooted in amplifying kinetic ideas. A common thread throughout the series is the writers are sure to inspire! 


Themes from forthcoming pamphlets include, abolition, colonial time, autonomy, feminisms, Madness, anarchy, and much more!


The pamphlets in their unique ways share stories of justice and freedom for all.

Plus the pamphlets look cool! 


Why pamphlets?

Because we’re trying to find each other outside of the algorithms that seek to divide us.  We think pamphlets are sometimes the perfect size for hashing out an idea in an accessible and fun way! And we are thrilled to share all of them with you!

lowercase flower_300x(1).png

Thank you for supporting Kinetic Ideas!

We are excited to share these wonderful pamphlets with you!

Please note: we print a limited amount!

   You can also purchase the pamphlets at AK Press Distro

The Pamphlets (so far) are curated by carla bergman and chris time steele  

Graphics and layout design by Maia Anstey and carla bergman, with
support by Jamie Leigh Gonzales, and printed at Listening House! 

Original flower design by Jason Tipton

Thank you dear readers, organizers, and dreamers!

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.

— Audre Lorde
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